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Men walk at a Rohingya village outside Maugndaw in Rakhine state, Myanmar October 27, 2016. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun In a Jan. 26 notice on its website, Bangladesh's cabinet said several panels were set up to examine the influx of Rohingya Muslims, which the country fears could lead to law and order issues as they mix with residents. Dhaka was preparing a list of the people to be temporarily moved to Thengar Char before being sent back to Myanmar, it said. "There's a fear that the influx of Rohingya Muslims from time to time will lead to a degradation of law and order situation, spread communicable diseases ... and create various social and financial problems," it added. A Bangladesh home ministry official said the process to shift the Rohingya to the island would take time, adding, "If that place is not livable, the government will make it livable." International aid officials working with the refugees, now sheltered in the tourist resort of Cox's Bazar, said they were surprised by the relocation plan and had sought clarification from the Bangladesh government. However, they declined to be identified, citing the sensitivity of the situation. RELIGIOUS TENSION Hundreds were killed in communal clashes in Rakhine in 2012, exposing a lack of oversight of the military by the administration of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. Many Myanmar Buddhists view the Rohingya as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, but an advisory panel of the Myanmar government said the refugee crisis was more than just a religious issue.

While it's common for players to leave after they've lost at traditional poker tournaments, Hendelman said employees tend to stay until the end at team-building events to cheer on their co-workers and friends. Receiving extra prizes if employees beat the CEO, president or manager is added incentive to play the game. "The president, CEO, the bosses, put a bounty on them, so what that means is if you knock them out [of the tournament] you get extra special prizes or recognition," said Hendelman. Employers focused on teaching employees how to make joint decisions, delegate tasks and play to one another's strengths might choose a different type of party -- one that focuses more on employees working together to win prizes. Hendelman said companies divide their employees into small teams and give each team chips worth $10,000 in fake money. Once play begins, it's up to the teams to designate a captain, decide how they'll use their chips, who will play which game, and determine an overall strategy to win the event. "If you really want to learn about your employees, actually putting them in teams to work together is a great way to do it," said Hendelman. Hendelman has also seen organizations use casino parties as an incentive to accomplish company goals prior to the event. Businesses might give each employee $100 in chips in advance of the party date and as employees meet specific goals leading up to the party, they earn more chips to use at the event. "They're working toward something and instead of starting them with the regular amount of chips -- we usually start people with $500 -- then they can earn chips along the way," said Hendelman.

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